Functionize + Xray Integration Demo

Functionize is the #1 intelligent testing platform that uses AI and machine learning to drastically speed up testing time. When you integrate with Xray, there’s transparency for everyone. Create end-to-end traceability across your Jira workflow, and build reports for manual and automated tests from a single place. Sign up for a free trial today at … Read more

Why Test Automation Needs Machine Learning | Functionize

Test automation needs machine learning because it can help to: Functionize has developed one of the world’s most advanced AI models for test automation. Our platform is able to slash test maintenance and eliminate test debt. But this was only possible thanks to the vast volume of data we have collected. Here, we look at … Read more

How Functionize Uses AI

Functionize uses AI in a variety of ways to improve the software testing process. Here are a few examples: Test automation: Functionize uses AI to automate the creation and execution of tests. This can free up testers to focus on more strategic tasks. Self-healing tests: Functionize’s AI can automatically heal tests that would otherwise break … Read more