Functionize Self Healing with Machine Learning Demo | Functionize

The Functionize Self Healing with Machine Learning demo shows how Functionize uses machine learning to heal automated tests, even when the underlying application changes. The demo begins with an overview of the Functionize platform and how it uses AI and machine learning to speed up testing time. It then shows how Functionize Self Healing works … Read more

Why Test Automation Needs Machine Learning | Functionize

Test automation needs machine learning because it can help to: Functionize has developed one of the world’s most advanced AI models for test automation. Our platform is able to slash test maintenance and eliminate test debt. But this was only possible thanks to the vast volume of data we have collected. Here, we look at … Read more

The Role of Deep Learning in Software Testing | Functionize

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks to learn from data. Neural networks are inspired by the human brain, and they are able to learn complex patterns in data that would be difficult or impossible for traditional machine learning algorithms to find. Deep learning is already being used in … Read more